Our main objective is to create an intergenerational and intercultural choir to support the integration and personal development of its members.

In broad terms:

  • Promote the coexistence of different cultures, nationalities, ethnic groups and religions.
  • Get rid of prejudices and images associated to each of them through collaboration, contact and team work of every member of the choir.
  • Encourage the exchange of cultural and personal experience.
  • Find personal and group enrichment in each others differences. “What unites us is more than what divides us”.

Everything through music, working all together and enjoying being part of the choir.

MEMBERS (I’m talking to you!):

Everyone who wants to sign up. Men, women and children. Entire families. It doesn’t matter your age. Everyone is welcome.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know musical theory, that you have never sung, we need you. Please, don’t think you sing badly or that you don’t have musical ear. Everything can always be learned and improved. You will do very well, I promise. Besides, you are not alone. We are all with you, together. We will improve and do great things, always together. Everyone. You are not only going to sing, you’re going to meet so many interesting people, with lots of unique experiences… You are one of them. Do not take away from others the opportunity of meeting you.

We are waiting for you, we are here anytime. You can not miss it. Go for it!!


We understand that the choir must have as main values ​​/ distinctive signs:


The hallmark of Fidias Foundation Choir. Probably the most multicultural choir in Bizkaia.

That’s why the inicial repertoire could include songs from every members countries. We are all Basque, Philippine, Syrian, Senegalese …



We are more than a choir, we are a community that works and joins efforts to carry out a concert program. We set ourselves challenges and overcome them. And we enjoy doing it. Our goal is not being the best choir musically speaking. Our goal is to become the best team, the most united and the one that most enjoys learning.

Of course, all objectives must be bearable and reasonable to increase motivation.



“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

          F.Nietzsche (1844 – 1900).

German philosopher