Prize – Recognition to Fidias Getxo 2018

Foundation FIDIAS, HAS BEEN AWARDED with the Prize to – Recognition of the Voluntary military service in Getxo 2018 – in today Thursday 13 of December of 2018

Thank you very much in the name of all the people who we compose Foundation FIDIAS, especially of all the members of its Patronage.

It is for us an enormous satisfaction and a great one “shoots” of self-esteem receiving this recognition.

All we are getxotarras and to have “the Mill” with us is to have Getxo between us.

FIDIAS would not exist without their volunteers. They are already the 119 young people who weekly spend several hours of their time to the minors more needed knowledge. The scholastic support that they distribute is helpful not only for the minors who receive it but for the municipality of Getxo. The academic improvement and of motivation, everything what it contributes the scholastic support to them, in the long run will repel in the society.

Seven adults dedicate part of their time to the psychological and legal attention of the families of our users. Of this form the attention that is lent from FIDIAS is integral.

A Basque professor directs the factories of conversation in Basque. The objective of these factories is that the minors lose the fear and “they loosen” to speak in Basque. Other professors give individual classes, to the boys and girls who need to work the English and Castilian language. Our education is trilingual thanks to some voluntary brilliants. Also they support in mathematics, physics and in whichever subjects the users need aid the project of Scholastic Support.

That generosity that gives off the volunteers is a great wealth for Getxo.

Thank you very much wanted voluntary. You are the fundamental pillar of the great family who is FIDIAS. Without you this wonderful and illusory project would not be possible. Thanks really.

Thanks, again, to all the people who have made possible east recognition to the voluntary military service of Foundation FIDIAS since, since I have said at the outset, this recognition impels to us and pushes to continue, if it fits, with greater illusion.

Special thanks to the Department of Social Services of Getxo.